Roy's 2002 Eldorado recently won a "Top Pick" award at the Las Vegas Cadillac Club 15th annual Cadillac Through the Years event.

Tom & Cheryl's Beautiful, 1956 Eldorado Seville

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Photo by Pat Stevinson

Tom F.'s fabulous '62 convertible

Dave's sparkling 1960 Cadillac

Adele & Dad with Dad's '63

Cars we love!

Dave's elegant, 1991 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham De Elegance (closest)

Frank with his sleek convertible.

Dennis with his fantastic, first-place '51.

Ty's terrific '59 

Phil and Sandi's Amazing 1954 Beauty

Tom F.'s lovely 1981 Seville

Dave's amazing Cadillac Fleetwood '60 Special  (special order) Luxury Sedan